As I get older its down right pathetic how my eyes are doing less and less for me. This is a challenge when the attention to detail is a great part of my job description as a designer and an artist. To improve what I can do I incorporate task lighting more and more into my designs.

You may already have plenty of ambient lighting in a room, but you may want to have better lighting for more detailed tasks. In the kitchen this would mean adding under cabinet lighting. In the bathroom you would add a mirror on an arm with lighting surrounding it. In the office adding a desk lamp so there is better contrast to what you are reading. In the living room adding floor lamps or table lamps next to your seating so you can see what ever you are doing more clearly.

Planning for this sort of light is important far earlier than you think. For the living area you may want to incorporate floor plugs for the end table lamps. In the bedroom you may want a switched arm lamp next to the bed, that way you aren’t loosing table space with a bed stand lamp.

Be sure if you are doing any kind of renovation or new construction, think about what you like to do and what lighting is needed. Be sure to hire a licensed electrician to do any work that is need to run wires and hook up any lighting. My policy is that we hire licensed contractors to do any work that extends behind the drywall. You want some to call when the lights dont go on.