Turning 50 this year has been an interesting ride. I felt as though I had better get a handle on a few things or my health and lifestyle could take a down turn over the next 20 years.

One of the leaves I am working on turning is my diet, creating better eating habits. My philosophy is to do my best most of the time. I love food. I also see that I need to eat a lot less of what I like. That means finding new things to like.

I found a great cookbook


In here we found an amazing vegan recipe for Pizza. It is a mushroom pizza with cashew ricotta. I’m not sure the version we did was full vegan, I bought my dough at Publix pre made. 

go get some fun mushrooms, I’like the mixed gourmet pack and some shitakes, saute them with some onions, use lost of olive oil. add a little soy sauce. To make the cashew ricotta, its a cup of raw cashews, 2 tbl olive oil and 2 tbl of lemon, or more if you like. And salt and pepper. Put that in a food processor, I use our blender, it has a smaller attachment for shakes. season to taste. I end up using more lemon. 

roll out your dough, put the mushrooms all over, some garlic, more olive iol and bake away for the time it says on the dough. when its done put the dollops of ricotta on there and sprinkle with some parsley. 

Easy peezy and delish!!

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