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I am a consummate creative. I have been a professional artist, designer, author and entrepreneur for 25 years. I am a problem solver, the challenges my life and work bring me along with my faith are what keep me moving in a positive direction.

A Comprehensive Guide to House Plans and Hiring a Designer

Designing your dream home is an exciting endeavor. It all begins with creating well-thought-out house plans that align with your vision. While some homeowners prefer the DIY approach, hiring a professional designer can offer numerous benefits. In this article, we... Continue Reading →

Renovation Scheduled: What do I do with my stuff?

Remodeling your home is an exciting process with many moving parts. While many decisions are made on countertops, flooring etc. You also have to figure out the logistics such as where you are going to keep all of your stuff.... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Beautiful Bali Architecture – An Insight into Traditional and Modern Balinese Design

Bali is known for its unique structures with captivating designs. From the iconic rice terraces of Ubud to the spectacular Tanah Lot Temple, Bali's architecture is a testament to the skill and creativity of the Balinese people. The temples and monuments of this beautiful island are a great way to experience authentic Balinese culture, and visitors can enjoy exploring these sites while taking in unforgettable views.

Tempered Glass vs Impact Glass

In Florida there are lots of different codes for windows so much of Florida is in wind borne object areas, theres a lot of coast line here. There is sometimes a misconception about tempered glass and impact glass being the... Continue Reading →

Houzz: the Pinterest for home project ideas and construction trends is a website that originally started out with architect and interior designers sharing portfolios.It has now expanded and can be a little overwhelming when looking to find inspiration for your new build or renovation project. This Houzz Ideabooks tutorial... Continue Reading →

Curbless Showers : The New Standard

Curbless Showers maximize your space and add visual appeal. They get rid of shower barriers creating a seamless look and make your space appear larger. Curbless showers provide accessibility and easy cleaning. So why are they called curbless showers? The... Continue Reading →

Lighting Up New Smyrna and Port Orange – A New Business Model in Lighting Showrooms: A Boutique Lighting Studio with Emphasis on Design

Mid-Century Modern Lighting May 2022 Mangrove Bay is springing into lighting! What we find lacking in the New Smyrna Beach and Port Orange Area is notonly a Lighting Showroom but one that offers design with true professionals inthat showroom. Clients... Continue Reading →

Newstalgia: Something New That Reminds Us of Something Old

One of my favorite publications that helps me stay up to date with the latest trends in design is Business of Home. In an article about nostalgia and shopping trends they see a real connection between the online life and... Continue Reading →

Container Homes: Don’t get Romantically Involved with the Idea of This Kind of Stewardship.

When I created my first website 11 years ago I randomly had a request for a container home design. I dove in deep and did a ton of research. As it happened a friend of ours on Costa Rica was... Continue Reading →

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