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Time to Slow Down on the West Coast of Florida: Scalloping in Crystal River

With the kids getting older we are finding it harder to get them to come along with us on family getaways. We were thrilled they could both get off of work to join us for a quick jaunt to the... Continue Reading →

Screw Preparation. Let’s Just Do This Thing: Hiking the Appalachian Trail One Section at a Time

Anyone who really knows me and I mean really really knows me, knows that I may be mostly organized but I do not prepare for things in life. I don’t plan, I don’t save, I simply jump in eyes closed,... Continue Reading →

Travel Inspires Design: Costa Rica – Color, Texture and Structure

I didn't have an opportunity to travel much as a child. Both my parents worked so hard and really loved this country and had no desire to see any others. They have only recently in their retirement started to travel... Continue Reading →

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