Mangrove Bay Por La Casa
Photo Mar 06, 10 19 44 AM

Mangrove Bay Por La Casa is a platform to explore and present what we create as a family of Makers. This is a place to share what we make and find inspired by our travels and lifestyle living in a small beach town and traveling to surf destinations.

Jennifer as Mangrove Bay Design not only designs spaces and homes but finds joy in creating lino cut prints on paper  and fabric. She is exploring creating fun accent chairs, finding other items for the home on her travels and hopes to work with craftsmen to create lines of seating and tables.

Christian is a photographer and videographer. Chris has been capturing images since he earned his degree in Photography. Chris is currently a Lieutenant for Daytona Beach Fire Department, but his off duty days are filled with time with the kids and following his passions – which all revolve around the waters edge.

Kai has a passion for surf and all that goes with it. He created Riptide as a surf brand a few years ago and put his photographs and graphics on t-shirts and hats.

Last but surely not least there is Stella, a force to be reckoned with. She is a DIY queen. She has created a line of home made soaps, lotion bars and scrubs that are just delicious. She is Simply Stella.