When designing spaces with furniture it has been a struggle to find pieces that work for clients that they absolutely love. So many people need to try them out, but that’s  unrealistic since the piece you sit on in the show room isn’t even the piece you will take home. 1000 other people sat on that and made it super comfy. You’re not going to have that advantage in your home.

blue sofa

I don’t actually sell too many pieces of furniture as much  as I love it. One day I’ll just design my own furniture and try to sell that, its  a huge commitment there. I  create furniture layouts for clients. I love to create designs suggestions, but often clients like to shop on their own, and most furniture showrooms have free design consulting baked in to the cost of the furniture. If they have a floor plan to work with and free consultants, it seems to work out for everyone.

1) Lets talk budget first and foremost. Don’t forget the furniture when you are  planning your remodel budget!!! You can count on 10% of the construction cost to furnish your home. Be ready for that at the end of the renovation.

modern sofa

2) if you’re not renovating, just choosing furniture, a sofa in particular, be self aware. know the size of the room you are trying to fit a sofa in to. When you shop at those showrooms the sofa will seem to fit anywhere. not so in your home. be sure you know exactly what size will fit in there. measure the space you want the sofa to fit. take that with you for sure. Sketch this out, include coffee table, end table, maybe even a space for rug.

3) Be sure you are aware of the scale of your space. this is basic design principle stuff. If you have a small space, be sure you don’t purchase an overstuffed sofa with giant arms. It simply wont look right in the room. If you have 14″ ceilings, don’t buy a low profile sofa that’s only 5 feet long, it will get lost.

4) Plan for flexibility in your space as much as possible. Again being self aware here will save you so much money in the long run. How will you use the space? Will you be entertaining? Just watching tv? Do you play board games with the family? Figure these things our ahead of time.  Then get a sofa and chairs that you  can possibly move around in the space to meet as many of these needs as possible. If you cant figure it out – bring this list to the design consultant at the showroom and get their help! They would love to create differing floor plans and space plans for you. Believe me they didn’t take the job to just sell furniture, they truly hoped to get  to work with clients to design spaces. Let them!!

5) Consider durability when you are choosing. Do you have pets or kids or grand kids? Do you just need a sofa from Ikea with slip covers or can you splurge on one from Ethan Allen? Can you go all in and get a custom sofa with me and me comfortable with the investment? Do you want it to last or will you throw it away in 4 years?

6) The style is totally up to you. I recommend getting a sofa that is relatively neutral if you have a transitional or traditional style or space. Be sure you understand the style of space you are trying to create. stay on task for that style. If you need help with this you may want to hire a designer to shop with you. They should charge hourly, the more organized you are with pinterest board or idea books on houzz the better experience you all will have. Go in to this with a plan and you will survive!

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