I’m not sure we are even having a winter this year. It’s hit 40 once this winter and no more. As a transplant from the north east I don’t mind a bit. When I’m having a solid hot flash I  may think differently. Regardless we are enjoying every second we can get outside. The whole family is finding ways to enjoy the temperate weather, trail riding, running, surfing, and simply napping on the back porch in the hammock.

Its always exciting to get back outside after a bit of winter, for some – a long winter. I love getting the garden back in order, fresh mulch or shell. fresh spring blooms. Cleaning out and deadheading are so gratifying on a semi warm day. We have a winter garden now, lots of yellow, but still pretty green.



5 ideas to make a great back yard party amazing:

1: Consider lighting. We have tried it all. Up lights, down lights, garden lights, candles hanging from trees, and spot lights. My favorite go to is the strings of cafe lights running across the yard and a few select up-lights in to the bamboo. This gives me a mix of drama and gentle ambient light without blinding you like you were in high school surrounding a bonfire with headlights all beaming at one another. a few nice candles on the table for snack and drinks is always lovely. You can get the tealights by the bag and the cafelights online.

2: Having some kind of game to play is always a hit. Seems like the easiest go to these days no matter where you are a game of corn hole. Anyone any age and literally zero skill needed to play. (comes in plain wood and you get a ‘merican set too). Another fun thing to do is hand out a deck of cards – one card a person as the arrive and let them know they have to find a group to create a poker hand – maybe even have a gift basket to give away. And of course a great game of horse shoes is always a  hit. Here’s a simple set of shoes.

3:Out door rugs and pillows for more laid back seating. If i’m decorating the pool deck for a get together, I usually bring a rug out and some poufs, and our floor pillows from the living room. Our space is pretty eclectic and simple which make it easy to move these things around. Here’s a colorful pouf and here’s a neutral pouf. The other thing I love in the garden and around the pool are ceramic stools. They add so much color and have such versatility, I just cant even…. they come in Blue, White, Orange, just to name a few. But you can pick your own football team (wink wink)

4: Of course unique decor. I say the more color you add to your garden the better. People walk in our back yard on any given day and ask if we are getting ready for a party. We have seating vignettes everywhere. I am addicted to chairs, its a problem for sure. But to me life is all about perspective. Changing our perspective only opens our hearts and our minds. This starts in our own home. Its as simple as choosing  a different spot to sit in. So we have hammocks, benches, lasse chairs, metal garden chairs from the Grand Mom, surf board benches, ceramic stools, and of course the pillows come out on occasion as well. This  is where you get on pinterest and just go hog wild. You really cant go wrong.

5. Last but not least, how about getting friends together and watching a movie outside! We’ve done this at the beach and a back yard. I just love it. Especially if you have little ones. They can play and enjoy time and watch a fun flick with friends. In our house it would probably be the surf contests we stream from around the world.

I have added several links to products I think would be great for your yard, so you don’t have to crazy shopping for them. If you love to shop and have the time, hit up HomeGoods first, you’ll get great bargains there for sure, but go with a plan and list and of course a budget. I get a little crazy there myself. champagne-3515140_1920