When you are putting together a living room layout or just want to rearrange your furniture, you need to consider how you actually live your life. It will translate in to how you set up your space.

The idea here is to make a list of what you do in your living room. Everyone uses spaces differently. When I work with a client, I ask a ton of questions on what they do all day, do they work at home or a an office, do they need a home office? How about entertaining or family time, how may people are involved in these activities? We need to make allowances for seating and flexibility as much as possible.

What activities you should consider are

  • how much you watch tv
  • do you like to read
  • do you need storage for games or books
  • Home work space
  • home office space
  • foldout furniture for guests
  • how often to do you company?
  • do you need table space for crafts or hobbies
  • What electrical needs do you have
  • add lighting where needed

Prioritize what you need to to get the most out of your space. What I can tell you is to make sure you use flexible seating, add in stools or poufs to the space for when you have extra people over.

Computers are so prevalent in our house hold, we have a small table just outside the living area so we have space to do what ever else, computer work, home work, crafts, taxes, you name it. The table is still visible from the living area so we all stay connected and part of the conversation.

Lighting is imperative in the living space. you will want to have a few lamps as well as overhead lighting. We consider these ambient and task lighting. Creating layers of lighting give you flexibility when you need it for what ever you are doing and remain comfortable.

There are plenty of room layout applications online these days to play with. I highly recommend using them before you start. At the same time, don’t over think it. its just furniture, it can be moves around. Life changes, the more flexible you are with furnishings you choose the longer you can keep them and move them around.