As an artist and designer I soak in what is around me and what I see when we travel. When i”m at my computer working on Interior Design Projects I have a beautiful view of my garden and my Chickies. I long to be outside working in the dirt. What ever I do is reflected in my art and my design.

I have reverted back to using just black and white. No color, but I’m not sure how long that will last. I love experimenting with materials as well, so we’ll see where that takes me.

I am missing the true creativity of making something from my own mind, my own imagination. Block printing is allowing me to explore an old process I used to love. Now i am taking it further and can do it anywhere. With the pottery I was so tied to the studio and the clay process made it feel so much like work. There was no opportunity to scale anything.

With the printing, I can entire editions, I can iterate on a block, I can move around with the process. I can enjoy the process.

I can sketch anywhere. I can bring my block and tools and move around. I am able to dig my carving tools in and get an immediate result.

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