Cleanliness is the name of the game these days. With the pandemic looming and no end in sight for a year or two until we have some sort of vaccine or flu shot to help our communities survive this mess, we have to practice crazy good cleanliness.

Apparently there had been a trend in architecture and design years ago, more than likely prompted by a similar situation, to add a sink as you come in to your home. I think this morphed in to the “mudroom” and the sink was moved off to the laundry area. We soon forgot to wash up as we came in the house.

I am working on 2 homes now and plan on trying to incorporate this back in to the design. In each home there are kids and grand kids. The struggle is real trying to get those little grommies to wash their hands as they run in to the kitchen and start touching everything.

I think if we can incorporate a sink in to a piece of furniture like this it may be more palatable.

If we practice washing our hands more ofteninour homes we will all be safer. I am not the only one touting this, of course. The CDC has great guidelines on this all over the place.

I wonder if putting hand washing stations just inside restaurants and all places we visit would help us out. Creating a new normal until this virus is under control