Choosing fabrics for seating is more challenging than one might think. I typically work with clients with similar lifestyles as my own. Its important to work with someone whose style and attitude resonate with their own.

Fabrics for seating need to be tough as well as beautiful. So many people have pets and children, I hate to say it, husbands – all of whom can be a bit messy and un-careful.

The first thing I look at on a fabric I like the look of is how durable it is. WE can find this on the back of a sample, and its called the Wyzenbeek number or abarassion.

For residential fabrics we can use anything from 15, 000 to 50,000 double rubs with relative confidence. I prefer to shoot fro over 50,000.

A double rub is shown in the video below. They essential rub the fabric back and forth and keep count until the fabric shows wear. This is the amount of time your bum can hit that seat and have it not show through.

Only an Excellent Fabric Can Originate an Excellent Fashion


When you are shopping for fabric pay attention to the label, understand what area it will be as well. Will it be in the sun? If so you will want the threads to not be a cotton, the ink or die will fade too fast. Always consider an outdoor fabric for super sunny spaces. I would recommend them for people with pets as well. You can find great durability with outdoor fabrics.

Last but not least, order a swatch before you commit to an entire sofa. Fabric can be incredibly expensive. Its a huge investment. If you plan well you will be so much more happier. Robert Allen has a great number of choices and is reasonably priced.

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