Riding on beautiful path part of the rails to trails project, the thought came to me of what I want do in the next year. I don’t know if it’s exciting or pathetic that I always need to set a higher goal for myself. I have several in the realms of work and personal growth. Exercise is a moving target at my age and fighting menopause.

I can no longer run because of the shape of my feet and pounding the pavement will add to needing more surgery. I’ve taken to mountain biking and road riding instead. It gives me the ability to see so much for more of our community and its natural state faster.

Sharing this goal is my way of committing for the spring to do the Epic in Ocala at the Santos Bike Festival. This is 50 miles of cross country and mountain bike trails in Ocala. I never dreamed I would even think of doing it. And then it occurred to me when I was a kid about 12 or 13 someone said to me I would only ever be average and I should just take more typing classes and become a secretary.

Then two years later someone else told me to get my shit together and start thinking for myself and grow up and become the human being that he knew I could be and to start living up to my potential.

This life is long and our potential I think increases with every year. Everything changes. We have to change with it, I feel exceptionally blessed to have had that person in my life to get me off my ass and go for it.



Goals that are difficult to achieve and specific tend to increase performance more than goals that are not.[10] A goal can be made more specific by:

  • quantification (that is, making it measurable), such as by pursuing “increase productivity by 50%” instead of “increase productivity”,
  • enumeration, such as by defining tasks that must be completed to achieve the goal instead of only defining the goal.

Setting goals can affect outcomes in four ways:[11]

ChoiceGoals may narrow someone’s attention and direct their efforts toward goal-relevant activities and fromward goal-irrelevant actions.

EffortGoals may make someone more effortful. For example, if someone usually produces 4 widgets per hour but wants to produce 6 widgets per hour, then they may work harder to produce more widgets than without that goal.

Persistence Goals may make someone more willing to work through setbacks.

CognitionGoals may cause someone to develop and change their behavior.

Get to setting some goals. Please follow me on instagram @designmangrove to see my journey in images. Goals are the best! What are your goals for the next year going to be? Name three!