Let me start with the fact that I’m not trying to sell you stone. I like to sell you on the idea that when you use real stone, the chances of your home design lowering in value, real or perceived as far less over time when you use a natural material, period. Mixing materials is a great way to add interest, texture and soften a space. Stone by itself is a great way to bring an organic feel to a space.

The appropriate uses for stone would be on the outside of a home at the base of some columns, a low base of the structure, you could run it on focal walls, say on a wall that juts away from the structure. On the inside of a home, use it sparingly. The idea is that you put a faux stone where a structural stone would be normally. That would include a fireplace façade, you could manage a focal wall. Stone is absolutely beautiful if used in the right context and the right amount and as a compliment.

Use a designer to choose what is best, not the sales staff who makes the commission on the material to make your choices. This I see on a regular basis, please get good advice on how, when and where to use stone. You want to consider the rest of your home and how your style will go with what stone you choose.

Stone mart In Orlando is where we have recently run in to a great deal of quality stone. The pricing was on point and they offered shipping and delivery to the site.

Serene pavers and All Phases here in New Smyrna both offer great varieties s of stone for outside as offer great service an pricing. We enjoy a good working relationship with both places and recommend each.