Cellaring wine can be tricky especially here in Florida. To take care of your wine collection temperature is super important.

One recommendation is not to chince out on the refrigerator unit for your wine. If you are storing 100-300 bottles, if it breaks down your pretty much loosing the investment you saved in the cheap wine unit.

The Sub-Zero 30” Classic Wine Storage is a great unit to keep and protect your collection.

Sub-Zero 30” Classic Wine Storage

Another option if you don’t have the space or inclination for the fancy wine frig is to convert a closet. Again protecting your wine is crucial. You should plan on keeping it in a cool dark place with little to no vibration.

You can store wine in a hall closet or under the stairs easily. And to maintain a good temperature use a small compressor unit (wine cooling unit) to regulate the temperature.

Some spaces call for smaller wine fridge units. With this option you can actually have several at different temps for different wines. The 36-bottle Edgestar and 35-bottle Igloo wine fridges are great for this application.

36-bottle Edgestar $629
35-bottle Igloo

Locally for appliances we recommend Milcarsky’s in Sanford. You can reach out to Patrick and make an appointment to see the latest offerings by the better manufacturers. He will give you a true education on refrigeration and makers to fit your home chef indulgences. (No we don’t make any referral fees, we just like working with people who make us look good :))

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