Mid-Century Modern Lighting

May 2022 Mangrove Bay is springing into lighting!

What we find lacking in the New Smyrna Beach and Port Orange Area is not
only a Lighting Showroom but one that offers design with true professionals in
that showroom. Clients drive to Orlando to get a real service-oriented
experience. What Mangrove Bay Design & Lighting offers a level above what is
offered in the area. We are lighting designers and interior designers, we focus on the whole
home experience, not just selling a singular element. We will work with our
clients, who are not just customers to us, to review their floor plans,
furniture plans and talk with them about what they need lighting for. We create
lighting design schemes for all uses, task lighting, ambient lighting, and spot
lighting. This experience will be more of a curation of lighting rather than
the checking of boxes.

Mangrove Bay Design has been a Residential Building Design and Interior
Design Firm since 2011 and we feel it is finally time to make the leap into
retail and offices! Over the last 10 years Jennifer Kerr-Marsch has worked
diligently to build relationships with manufacturers all over North America and
a few abroad to bring her clients better quality and more interesting pieces to
add to their home and décor.

As with our building and interior design, each of our clients will have a designated designer
work with them on an appointment basis. Prior to the appointment, your designer
will have had a conversation with your electrical contractor, or we will
suggest some to you. Your designer will have studied your plans ahead of time
and will be ready with suggestions based on the profile you have filled out for
us. If you don’t have plans, or are not under construction, we still have homework for you. We ask that you fill out a style questionnaire, take pictures of the areas you want to light, possibly some measurements (or schedule an in home consultation), an set a time to meet with us. 

We certainly value our clients time, so if you  happen to just find us and walk in, we will certainly work with you on the spot to fill in the blanks and get you what you need. “Lighting to us is the fine jewelry that makes the outfit, its the diamond earrings, its the opportunity to truly elevate the space with style and function to make the experience of the home shine, literally,” states Jennifer Kerr-Marsch the Principal Designer at Mangrove Bay. 

May 2022 will be the opening  of Mangrove Bay Design and Lighting
expansion space with new offices and a lighting design studio. It will be located at 620 3rd Ave. in the Spanish Plaza , Beachside New Smyrna Beach. 

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