Curbless Showers maximize your space and add visual appeal. They get rid of shower barriers creating a seamless look and make your space appear larger. Curbless showers provide accessibility and easy cleaning. So why are they called curbless showers? The reason they are called curbless showers is because they get rid of the step that divides the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. So now that we know what it is lets consider the pros and cons of the latest craze in the bath décor trends.


Accessibility, the curbless shower creates an easy entry and exit because there is no ledge to step over. You can simply walk in/walk out. This can be helpful for all members of the family. Maneuvering over a bathtub ledge can be difficult for young children creating a fall risk . The fall risk is also high for aging adults or those with mobility issues. The floor is slippery and the step is high making it more dangerous for entry/exit.

Design, Curbless showers are installed in big or small spaces because they are designed to fit your unique space. One of the benefits of getting a curbless shower has to be the kind of luxury it adds to a simple space. They are designed with a traditional door style, no more sliding doors or curtains that accumulate mold and mildew. Since they are surrounded by glass your shower design will always be on display. Your choice of colors, shapes, and textures of shower tile will be seen as soon as you walk into the bathroom, such a perfect way to show off your personal style. Speaking of design there there is a lot of flexibility when designing your curbless shower. You can add in benches, shelves, even heated floors for those cold winter mornings (depending on where you live).

Cleaning, Having a curbless shower means faster and easier cleaning. Without the barriers in your bathroom you are able to clean the entire floor in one sweep instead of having to clean small sections at a time.There are fewer nooks and crannies in a curbless shower compared to a traditional bathroom set up so less places for buildup to hideout.


Privacy, Since curbless showers are open with glass walls you do have less privacy. Privacy could be a deciding factor if you constantly have people waltzing through the bathroom while you are in the shower. Nothing a good lock can’t fix!

Water, If not installed properly your bathroom could become a splash pad during shower time. Without a tub to keep the water contained it would just flow out of the shower and all over the floor. Make sure to hire or consult with a professional on your design to make sure you have the proper drainage plan.

Although the planning and design time may take longer the end result will be worth it when you see your unique style brought to life.