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6 Steps to Creating Accessibility to Age in Place Saving You BIG

With the cost of assisted living and rising health care costs, remodeling your home to stay in it longer is the way to go. These basic steps will get you closer to living the dream longer in your own home safely maintaining your independence and dignity well into your golden years

Client Homework: I Want To Hire A Designer, What Am I Responsible for

Client Homework. Hiring an Interior Designer is a smart move and an important first step in the development of building a new home and or renovating an existing space. A Designer is involved from the beginning to bring concept to... Continue Reading →


Wood wall treatments are endless and add so much to a room. With wood you can add texture, warmth, focus and height...

What Does a Remodel Really Cost in Florida?

I am always trying to find resources that will help my clients to better understand what goes in to taking on a remodel or addition versus just going with new construction. I found this article on Home Advisor that clarified... Continue Reading →

Coastal Exterior Lighting

And what you get is my research on what I am working on for my clients. These are options for a home near the river with a traditional Florida Feel. This will be a family home after a tragedy of... Continue Reading →

Island Fever: Kitchen islands to drool over

The block kitchen (or island) is a more recent development, typically found in open kitchens. Here, the stove or both the stove and the sink are placed where an L or U kitchen would have a table, in a free-standing... Continue Reading →

Currey Lighting: Essence of Quality and Sophistication

  A Little Bit of History: Currey & Company, known today for its vibrant collection of lighting products, started its existence in 1988 as a purveyor of historic garden furnishings. When Robert B. Currey founded Garden Source Furnishings, the main... Continue Reading →

Great Moldings: A Lesson

  Ok, found this little ditty while hunting for more information after arguing with a tradesman about what to call what when talking about where what pieces go around a door, sheesh, it would be great if didn't turn into... Continue Reading →

The Pouf!

Who knew that the Pouf was once a hair style and now a reference to an ottoman. These cute little seats are shoeing up everywhere and are great in small spaces. They are adorable to look at, a terrific accent... Continue Reading →

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