Inspiration from the founder of Instagram: Lucky for you I’m a podcast junky and I am loving the Masters of Scale Podcast these days. He interviewed the guys who started Insta and they spoke a great deal about collaboration.

It’s kind of the same thing I hold through as a designer and creating a completed project. The best designs are those that are collaborated with with clients and contractors. The best product comes from the experiences of our past. The first lesson is to be self-aware and think of those best experiences and how to incorporate them into our design work. This is why I continually ask my clients to let me know everything they want out of their home, design is fluid, planning projects needs to be a little fluid.

Collaboration for me goes back the the 100th monkey theory of sharing ideas leads to the evolution of ideas. As we share ideas better and better ones come along organically. All of which can take time, but in the end is always well worth it to get it right with a little help form our friends.