During this pandemic I am finding a bit more time to exercise. I love to mountain bike (really just trail riding here in Florida). My husband Christian said I would get better at it if I started training during the week on the road. More miles, stronger legs sort of thing. We rode in North Carolina last year and I just about died going up a mountain for 2 hours straight. I was clearly not up for what he was ready for. So I found a road bike on the cheap, made some adjustments on got to it.


A reason I love riding (I used to run, but my feet protested after 30 years of pounding pavement) is listing to podcasts. In the Top 5 is Masters Of Scale with Reid Hoffman the founder of Linked In.

masters of scale

This guys a genius. Any hoo he interviewed Brian Chesky from Air bnb. The take away is to fall back to your roots and do whats best for everyone. With the extra time we have, I need to give back to the people I’m connected to.

I came up with the idea of Free Color Consult Fridays. I’m giving up 4 hours of my time to anyone who wants to make an appointment, go over your colors and see what you want to do next, hopefully choose some great new colors. So many people are stuck at home, why  not make that space your stuck in a better one?!


Thinking about painting your home inside or out can be daunting or it can be uplifting. I’m glass half full kind of girl. There is nothing better than a fresh coat of  paint. Its like a sunny day after a week of rain. You open your eyes to a new day and all the colors are brighter, more vivid, you feel like  a new person.

Caring for our homes, whether we rent or own, is simply an act of gratification. Its more than doing something that is gratifying, it is more about acting in a grateFUL way. When we are truly grateful for what we have in our lives, we need to show it by taking care of what we are actually grateful for. When we shoe more gratitude in action, not just words, I believe that energy comes back to us in some way or another.


If you love your  dog, take him for more walks, he will give you more licks and cuddling. Take care of your home and it will last far longer, shielding you from elements, protecting you from storms and heat and cold.


The cheapest simplest thing with the least amount of required skill is painting. With a quick trip to the paint store, hardware store, you can transform and upgrade your space in a weekend. Depending on the quality of paint you choose, it may only cost $50 or you can run it up to more.

light pink

I’m not always up for painting the entire house. I only do that every 5 to 7 years. My favorite thing to do that is super cheap is simply paint the base, trim and doors. Those areas get the most traffic use with dirty kid hands, animals noses nudging doors, vacuum cleaners scraping base boards. This only requires a gallon of bright white high gloss, because its easiest to keep clean, wiping it is a cinch, and a brush. I do recommend getting a nice brush, less clean up.


BUT if you’re up for colors, here are a few pallets form manufactures you may want to try. And if you cant decide on which is right for you, go to the bottom of the post and click the image to set a time to get together on zoom and I will be happy to help you out for a bit to get things sorted out for you.





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