In working toward my MA I am reading so much and accumulating some seriously trivial knowledge still interesting all the same.

I am currently reading an essay by Michel Foucault “of other spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias” a more philosophical look at space and how we view it. I plan on exploring this issue more from the perspective of a designer and how the use of space has changed during this pandemic.

Foucault describes a garden as a heterotopic space, a sort of space of land in and of itself within other spaces. He retells the origin of the garden from an eastern perspective was one of a rectangular space with a water feature in the center to represent and unite 4 parts of the world. Carpets were then made to represent those gardens and bring that symbolism inside. This created an indoor movable garden.

I just thought this was such a great visual, as a love of gardens and rugs, I will forever choose more wisely.