3d illustration of crane over house plan background with code sign

There is a lot to know as a building designer. We do our best to have a general understanding of local codes and ordinances. The tricky part is that municipalities will make changes and not really let anyone know. WE generally find out during the permitting process when the city kicks back our plans with comments. For us its just a process. We simply cannot keep up with the changes each city makes. We create plans for a lot of East Volusia county residents. So we learn as we go.

What I have done here is give you a link to the city’s website, where you can find the ordinances that have recently changed. This is mostly and exercise for you to learn where to go to look for information about your property. If you are considering any kind of work on your home, or building a new home, it is to your greatest benefit to have a basic understanding of what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do.

You can always meet with the city officials in the building department if you have questions, but please at least do some research before you go, so you can have an educated conversation about your project. They will love you for it.